Schaerer Barista coffee machine

Schaerer Barista

Ideal if you want to provide the complete theatre of traditional coffee machines but don't have skilled Barista staff.

  • As a hybrid machine, it knocks and hisses in the style of a traditional machine to give the theatre whilst having automatic operation to give consistent quality.
  • Automatic features so that human error is removed and consistent coffee quality us served.


Technical and menu information

Dimensions (2grp)   Menu
Width 755mm Expresso
Depth 548mm Double expresso
Height 590mm Barista made:
Power Single phase (30 amp)

Americano, White Americano

Daily throughput 200 per hour* Cappuccino, Flat White
    Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate



*Throughput single espresso only and based on the optimum power supply, user capability and settings.


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